The Best Loan in Internet and Mobile Bank 

Pre-Approved loan campaign in digital channels  - up to 500 winners will be rewarded.

If you accept the pre-approved loan, offered to you either in internet or mobile bank, you will get a chance to win up to 1000 GEL. 

To participate:

  • If you have a pre-approved loan offer, you need to log into internet or mobile bank and accept it until the 28th of February. The campaign is active from 1st to 28th of February.

To accept the loan offer:

  • Once you have logged into internet or mobile bank, enter the "offers" menu and choose pre-approved loan. Determine the details of the loan (desired amount from the approved limit, desired term and monthly payment) and confirm the contract.
  • You can also enter the pre-approved loan page simply by clicking on the corresponding banner on the home page. 

Identifying and informing the winners:

  • 500 potential winners will be randomly chosen from the pool of clients who have been given the pre-approved loan offer in online channels throughout February. 
  • In order for these 500 users to be rewarded, they need to log into internet or mobile bank and activate the loan offer until February 28th. 
  • Once the offer has been activated, the lucky winners will get a text message and be contacted by our staff member to inform them about their win. 
  • The amount of the reward will be transferred to the winners' bank account in 5 work days after the loan is accepted.

Good luck!


TBC bank has approved a loan of 4,500 GEL to you. You log into internet or mobile bank and see the loan offer, but you choose to only take 1,500 GEL; by accepting the ,1500 loan offer you entered the list of winners and therefore win 1000 GEL. Therefore, on top of your 1,500 GEL loan, you get extra 1000 GEL as a gift.