• Up to 10.50% interest rate in GEL
  • Possibility to save from 3 months to 2 years
  • Best secured saving option
If opened through internet banking

General description

If you are comfortable with "locking in" your money for a particular period, then a Term Deposit is the best way to save while getting the highest guaranteed interest rate.

The highest interest rates will be accrued on an amount that is deposited for a certain term. You can get the interest at the end of deposit term, as well as at the end of each month or even beforehand, on the opening day of the Term Deposit.

Interest rates

3-5 months 8.00% 1.25% - -
6-8 months 9.00% 1.90% - 0.65%
9-11 months 9.50% 2.40% 0.15% 1.15%
12 month 10.00% 2.90% 0.65% 1.65%
13-14 months 10.00% 3.00% 0.75% 1.75%
15-17 months 10.10% 3.05% 0.80% 1.80%
18-20 months 10.25% 3.15% 0.90% 1.90%
21-23 months 10.35% 3.30% 1.05% 2.05%
24 months 10.50% 3.40% 1.15% 2.15%
In case of interest withdrawal in advance from GEL Term Deposit, the interest rate will be reduced by 1.4%, additionally if advance withdrawals are from foreign currency deposit, the interest rate will be reduced by 0.7%. In case of monthly interest withdrawals, the yield is 0.5% less for GEL accounts and 0.2% less for foreign accounts. Interest rates for non-residents are different. Please see "Other Terms"

Interest rates for nonresidents

Interest rate of Term Deposit in case of nonresident is 0.50% less than rate for resident in all currencies.

Other terms

  • Account opening and transactions are free of charge.
Minimum Balance Requirement
  • The minimum balance for Term Deposits is 500 GEL/USD/EUR/GBP.
  • Adding extra amounts to Term Deposits is not allowed.
Terms and conditions
  • You can open a Term Deposit for a period of 3 to 24 months.
Premature cancellation
  • In the case of a premature cancellation of the agreement the deposit will accrue 4% (min. 0,5%) less interest than it would have for the actual period from the date of opening until the date of termination (already withdrawn interest will be deducted from the principal amount).
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