TBC Offers Improved Conditions to Wine Plants Within Cheap Agro Credit

Here.Now for supporting the agro business - TBC offers the improved terms to the entities engaged in the wine production within the project "Cheap Agro Credit of the Ministry of Agriculture".  The initiative aims at simplifying the activities of wine-producers and giving them the opportunity to prepare for the harvest.

In particular, with the improved terms for the Cheap Agro Credit, the wine producers can obtain the agro loan of up to 10 mln GEL (instead of the previous 5 mln GEL). Interest rate and repayment terms are also improved. Producers can obtain a credit at 11% p.a. and repay it back within up to 36 months (instead of …..).

WC financing for grape and tea processing is a novelty as well. The entities involved in the mentioned sectors can apply for a loan to develop their businesses within the project.

Having been the leader in the recent years in terms of the sector financing (including the start-up financing), facilitation of the agriculture remains a priority for TBC. We are eager that the wine plants will enjoy the improved conditions and take advantage of available financing to grow their businesses. We expect that the initiative will be of great interest, especially during the existing challenges - said Shota Gongladze, a member of TBC Agro Business Management team.

The details on the project, as well as the improved terms are available through the link.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia has been implementing the project "Cheap Agro Credit" since 2013. The project aims at providing the farmers and entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture with cheap, long-term and available financing which will facilitate the processes of primary production, processing and storage-distribution of agriculture.

TBC has been the project partner for 7 years and over 11 000 farmers and processing plant have been financed.