• Maximum loan term - 10 years
  • Maximum grace period - 5 years
  • Interest Rate Co-financing by APMA (under the Ministry Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia)

The Agro-Investment Loan is an innovative product presented by TBC Bank. It is implemented in the frameworks of the "Preferential Agro-Credit Project".

It represents an opportunity for the parties interested in perennial plantations to make principal payments of the loan (credit) only after the orchard, planted with the Agro-Investment Loan, yields  commercial benefits.

The grace period, during which the borrower does not have to cover the principal payment, depends on the planting culture.

For the cultivation of the perennial plants on the land plots of the borrower, the Agro-Investment Loan offers financing the following operations:   

  • The fence construction/renovation for the planting area;
  • Soil cultivation and preparatory works;
  • Arranging the retaining systems (wires, poles) and protective nets for the planting area;
  • Arranging the irrigation and drainage systems, as well as the boreholes;
  • Covering the costs of the seedlings and cultivation;
  • Covering all the costs needed to bring the newly planted orchard up to its commercial harvest, including the operating costs for the following years.

The requirements for the Agro-Investment Loan are as follows:

  • Minimum 1 hectare of land registered as a property;
  • Experience in cultivating the perennial crops;
  • A good credit history.

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