Flexibility and Freedom
  • Home or abroad - pay wherever you want
  • Manage your everyday transactions
  • Subscribe to a Plan
    Here.Now Subscribe to a plan and use a combination of banking products
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  • Digital Card
    1 GEL
    monthly fee
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  • Debit Card Mix
    Card for everything
    During the Campaign
    20 GEL
    annual fee
    • Instant disbursement of card
    • More flexibility
    • Exclusive offers
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  • Debit Card Mix for Non-residents
  • Other Cards
  • Sending a Payment Card Overseas
    Payment cards can be prepared and sent overseas only to our existing clients who have a card account with TBC Bank
  • Card Security Service
    Safe and secure ATM withdrawals and internet shopping
    • Reimbursement of illegally deducted amounts from your card.
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  • The rule for contactless card payments