• Enjoy the lowest interest rate
  • Less risk of currency exchange rate fluctuation
  • Longest term on loans in GEL

Terms and fees

The offer does not apply to uk residents.
Annual interest rate From 9%
Effective annual interest rate From 10.3%
Currency GEL
Max. loan term 180 months
Max. loan amount 400,000 GEL
Service fee 0.4%
Loan Withdrawal fee 0.6%
Collateral Apartment, commercial space or land

General description

  • Apply for a mortgage in the currency of your salary so you don't have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations.
  • TBC Bank offers you mortgages in GEL with the lowest interest rate.
  • Mortgages in GEL are a joint project between TBC Bank and the National Bank of Georgia.  The interest rate is not fixed and it is calculated in the following way:  Refinancing rate of National Bank of Georgia + TBC Bank's rate 
  • Refinancing rate of National Bank of Georgia is determined every month.
  • Respectively, the interest rate of the loan may decrease or increase.

TBC Bank's rate may vary between 7 and 8%. It is determined once and is constant through the term of the loan.

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