Please be informed that the Bank's internal policy prohibits direct or indirect transactions with sanctioned countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran. In particular, the prohibition applies to international trade settlements where the counterparty, the country of the origin of goods, the transportation route or the country of registration of the transport involved (in air, water, land and railway transportation) is Iran/related to Iran or any other sanctioned country. The Bank reserves the right to close customer accounts without prior notice if the above-described circumstances are detected.  

Please consider the above information, so that your international transactions are not rejected but completed successfully.

The Bank may additionally require the following documents for international transactions, regardless of the transaction amount:

  • Invoice/agreement;
  • Certificate of the Origin of Goods;
  • Bill of Lading.


If any of the aforementioned documents does not include the transportation route, you are required to submit the pre-agreed Terms of Delivery.

The documents are required for all international transactions where the country of the receiving bank is China – CN, Singapore – SG, India – IN, Hong Kong – HK, the United Arab Emirates – AE, Iraq – IQ, Turkey – TR, Pakistan – PK, Malaysia – MY, Indonesia – ID, South Korea – KR, Philippines – PH, Taiwan – TW, Armenia - AM, Azebaijan - AZ.

Please be additionally informed that unless the description of the transfer is advance payment and unless the transportation route is described in the documents, the transfer initiated in USD will not be completed. Such transactions can only be carried in the currency of the country of the receiving bank (CN-China-CNY, AE - United Arab Emirates-AED, TR – Turkey-TRY, AZ – Azerbaijan - AZN). Mandatory document to be submitted.


Note: The rule on required documents for foreign currency transfers to Turkey will be effective from 5 December, 2022.