• Gain from our grace period
  • Simplified procedures with our partner universities
  • You need only your ID card to get loan within 10 minutes
3-12 months period
effective rate

Terms and fees

The offer does not apply to uk residents.
Annual interest rate 20%
Effective annual interest rate 26.74%
Min. loan amount 300 GEL
Max. loan amount Amount equal to 100% of one year tuition fee, max. 5000 GEL
Loan term 3-12 months
Required documentation Student's and borrower's ID Cards
Collateral Not required
Min. income needed 200 GEL
Service fee 2%, min. 10 GEL

Grace period option

You pay only the interest during the grace period of the loan. 

The maximum length of the grace period is 4 years and 6 months, which gives you the opportunity to finish your studies and find an appropriate job without having to rush. You start paying the principal amount after the grace period has finished. 

The grace period can be granted to students taking full-time BBA courses at the following universities:

  • Free University of Tbilisi;
  • Caucasian University (Faculty of Business);
  • Georgian-American University (Faculty of Business).

Additionally, a student should be at least 20 years old. In other case, students should have any member of his/her family as a co-borrower.

Annual interest rate From 18%
Max. loan amount 5000 USD (100% of one year tuition fee)
Loan term Max. 9.5 years
Borrower A student
Co-borrower A family memeber, if the student is less than 20 y.o.
Collateral Real estate
Required documents Student's and borrower's ID cards
Min. monthly income Not required
Service fee 2% of the loan amount, min. 5 USD
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