Pay with TBC Wallet without plastic cards!

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With TBC Wallet you can:

  • Pay with mobile application in all merchants with contactless POS terminals
  • Add your TBC Visa and/or MasterCard cards
  • Choose your favorite card you want to pay automatically


  • Compatible with Android smart phones
  • Requires 4.4 version or later
  • Requires NFC support
  • Requires having account in TBC internet or mobile banking
  • Please download the application from Play Store, log in with your internet/mobile banking account and add your TBC cards

Using application is free of charge*

Start using TBC Wallet and make your payment process easier!

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  • TBC Wallet is Android application enabling you to pay with mobile application (without plastic cards) in all merchants with contactless POS terminals. You can add your TBC Visa and/or MasterCard cards to TBC Walletand make payments with your application. You can also check recent transactions in TBC Wallet
Who can use TBC Wallet?
For using TBC Wallet you need to be TBC Bank costumer and have Visa and/or MasterCard Card.
You also have to be TBC internet and/or mobile banking user and have NFC supported Android Smart Phone.
What are the requirements for using TBC Wallet?
You have to be TBC Bank costumer using VISA and/or MasterCards cards. You also have to be TBC Internet and/or mobile banking user with NFC supported Android Smarthphone
What are the requirements for you mobile phone?
Your mobile phone should Android smart phone with 4.4 version or later. Your Android smartphone should be NFC supported
What is the fee of using TBC Wallet?
You can download and use TBC Wallet application for free. You will need mobile internet with standart pricing of your mobile service provider. You will have no additional costs on transactions made with TBC Wallet.
How can I download TBC Wallet application?
You can download TBC Wallet Application from Google Play. You need to be signed up on Google Play. You will find TBC Wallet in finance category  or by searching the app in the search bar.
How can I sign up for TBC Wallet?
In order to use TBC Wallet you should first have account for TBC internet/mobile banking. For authorization please follow next steps:
  1. Login page: Enter you internet/ mobile banking user name and password
  2. SMS authorization: please enter the received code in relevant field. If your mobile phone doesn't match  with given one, please change the contact number from internet banking or call our call center;
  3. Set passcode: Choose preferred 5 digit code. Passcode enables you to login easier
  4. Touch ID (If your mobile phone doesn't have fingerprint option, please skip this step): Our application will offer you to set fingerprint login. In case you turn on fingerprint login you will be able to login with your Touch ID 
How can I add my cards in TBC Wallet?
  1. On the landing page, on the left upper corner press your profile picture and enter the menu;
  2. Press the button "manage cards"
  3. You will discover cards you are using in TBC Bank, please choose your preferred cards and press "next"
  4. Please choose your favorite card You will use favorite card to pay automatically, without even entering the application (See "what are the payment methods")
  5. For adding your cards few minutes are needed, after that you will see your cards on landing page
  6. If you are new to TBC Wallet you can press "add cards" on landing page and go through above given steps (from step 3).
What is the favorite card?
By setting favorite card you can pay automatically by unblocking your phone, without even entering the application (See "what are the payment methods"). TBC Wallet will ask you to set favorite card after adding your bank cards. You can always change your favorite card from landing page by activating the star icon on preferred card.
What type of cards can I add to this application?
You can add your Visa and/or Master Card cards.
How can I pay with TBC Wallet?
You can pay with TBC Wallet the same way as you pay with your plastic card: hold your phone (from the backside) over the POS terminal. Please leave about 1-2 cm between your phone and POS terminal in order to have successful payment.
(See "what are the payment methods")
Will I get Ertguli loyalty points while using TBC Wallet?
By paying with TBC Wallet you will get even more loyalty points than by paying with your plastic cards. 
You will accumulate Ertguli loyalty points on debit cards (0.5%) and on credit cards (1%). Consider that one part of the points accumulated with credit card payments will be transferred to you on next working day, another part of point within 15 working days.
Do I need to enter pin code on POS terminal?
You will not need to enter pin code while paying with TBC Wallet (on any amount), this is procedure set by VISA and MasterCard international payment standards. Pin code will be replaced with unlocking your mobile phone/ entering application with passcode or Touch ID.
What are the payment methods?
TBC Wallet offer 2 ways of payments: payment after entering the application and payment with only unlocking your phone. You can set your favorite method from application settings. 
Pay after entering the application: this payment method is set as standard payment on TBC Wallet. For payment you need to enter application, choose preferred card and swipe it with your finger, hold your phone (from the backside) over the POS terminal. 
Pay after unlocking your phone: this is the simplest way of payments, in this case you don't need to enter application, the only thing you need is to unlock your mobile phone. After this hold your phone (from the backside) over the POS terminal. In order to use this payment method you have to use screen unlocking (withi passcode, fingerprint). You can pay the maximum of 100 Gel with easy payment method. Above 100 Gel TBC Wallet application will be opened automaticallu and the only thing you will need to do is to enter your application. After signing in to your TBC Wallet hold your phone (from the backside) over the POS terminal and the payment process will be finished.
What does it mean: Default mobile payment service (Tap and Pay default app)?
This is the Android operating system parameter. If you have more than 1 payment applications on your mobile phone, you will choose one preferred application with help of this parameter. In order to use TBC Wallet application properly you have to set it as standart/preferred payment application. The name of given parameter can be different for different mobile phone brands 
What should I do If I lose my card or mobile phone?
Please call our call center  (+995 32) 227 27 27 and share with us information that  you have lost your card or mobile phone. You also can visit one of our service centers.  For security reasons TBC Bank will block your card if you lost it, or block your application if you lost your mobile phone.
What is passcode?
Passcode is 5 digit code, which enables you to enter your TBC Wallet application. You can change your passcode from settings.
In case you forgot passcode, you can reset it from passcode login page, press "forgot?"
See more about how to reset forgotten passcode
How to reset forgotten passcode?
  1. On passcode login page press the button  "forgot?";
  2. Enter your internet/mobile banking user and password;
  3. Enter your SMS code in relevant field;
  4. Set your 5 digit passcode and repeat it in the next step;
Can I use TBC Wallet without mobile internet?
You can use TBC Wallet without internet access with limited functionality. You can enter your application, make payments, change passcode, change language, deactivate account. But you can't add new cards, your number of payments are also limited and you can't see the balance on your cards. 
Can I use TBC Wallet and at the same time have sticker card on my phone?
No you can't. After activating TBC Wallet you have to remove your pay sticker from mobile phone.
Why can't I see my cards?
If you can't see any of your  cards in application, there can be following reasons: 
  • Your card is expired
  • Your card is canceled
In any case you will get notified after signing in to application. You can get detailed information about your card problems by contacting our call center (+995 32) 227 27 27
I can't add new cards
There can be following reasons: 
  • You don't have internet access. In this case please access to internet and try again;
  • Technical problem accured while sending request. In this case try again in few minutes;
I can't pay
There can be following reasons: 
  • You don't have internet access. In this case please access to internet and try again;
  • There is no contact to POS terminal, try once again and hold your phone near terminal;
  • You are paying with automatically mode (without application login) and your favorite card is blocked, canceled or expired. In this case login to application and check your card. If your card has problems you will get notified;
  • You are paying with automatically mode (without application login) but you haven't set easy payment mode. In this case enter settings and set easy payment mode;
  • TBC Wallet is not set as default payment application on your mobile phone. See more information Default mobile payment service (Tap and Pay default app)?"
Where can I see transactions history?
You can view transactions history for your cards. Press on "transactions" (below your card image) on the landing page. Your transactions are sorted by time.
Deactivating TBC Wallet
By deactivating TBC Wallet you will delete the whole information about your cards from your application. In order to restore your application you will need to sign up again.
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