General Description TPAY/QR

Join us and build experience of simple payments in physical and digital space.

A new payment channel for your business:

  • Payment via Visa/MasterCard plastic cards of the Georgian Banks
  • Simplified integration
  • Improved sales
  • Innovative opportunities
  • Detailed information on transactions  - control and manage sales channels from TPAY Portal.
  • Wide opportunities for integration;

You can pay:

  • Via printed out QR.
  • Via mobile application – with the opportunity to generate a dynamic QR code.
  • Via QR integrated into retail interface.

Service Limits

Service limits for TPAY QR:

  • Per transaction limit  - 1000 GEL;
  • Daily limit - 3 000 GEL;
  • Monthly limit - 10 000 GEL;

Service limits for TPAY WEB:

  • Per transaction limit – 1500 GEL;
  • Daily limit - 4 000 GEL;
  • Monthly limit - 10 000 GEL;


If you want to use the Tpay payments system:

  1. Please, follow the link and fill out the application form.
  2. Send it via email to

If you want to use the QR payment system: 

  1. Please follow the link and fill out the application form.
  2. Send it via email to



Tpay is a service, which enables you to receive electronic payments online. 


What does Tpay payment mean?

  • Tpay is a service which enables you to receive electronic payments online.

What does QR payment mean?

  • QR is a payment channel integrated into retail interface and enables you make payments at any trade facility.

Do I need a web-site?

  • For joining the Tpay service, you need to have a website.

What legal status shall I have to get involved in Tpay/QR  payments?

  • You must be registered as a tax payer, whether you are a natural or a legal person.

Who will be able to make payments via  QR?

  • Over 500, 000 TBC Bank mobile banking application users within internet banking, also any holder of Visa/MasterCard of any Georgian Bank with the application downloaded to the mobile phone.

via which bank's cards will it be possible to receive payments?

  • You can receive payments via Visa and Master Card of any Georgian bank.


Do I have to pay for joining the Tpay and QR payment systems?

  • Joining the systems is free.


What are the tariffs and fees for Tpay/ QR  service?

  • Tpay payments – per transaction fee totals 2.0%.
  • QR payments  - fee for TBC Bank cards totals : 1% ( min.0. 10 GEL) and for other Georgian cards -2.0 % -(min. 0,10 GEL)


When are the transaction amounts transferred to a bank account?  

  • On the following day including on Saturdays and Sundays.
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