• Investment in gold
  • Secure assets against inflation
  • An asset with permanently high demand and low supply
the highest purity

Benefits of Investing in Gold

  • Gold can secure your property against inflation;
  • In experts' opinion, it is more commecrially beneficial than other securities. Gold is portable, liquid and accepted in most parts of the world;
  • It is relatively easy to purchase and sell;
  • The demand is always high;
  • It is also important for the jewelry business;
  • The supply is always low.

According to World Gold Summit, gold's value has increased twice since 2008.

It is widely known that people are trying to diversify their capital by investing in different fields, such as: business, real estate etc., in order to secure their investments against the risk of inflation. The gold market is one of the key fields of investment that provides high security against investment risks. 

Gold is the most popular precious metal in terms of an investment. It is frequently bought as an instrument of hedging, or as a mechanism to secure against economic, social and currency crises.

What is a Gold Certificate?

It is a security that represents a liability from the National Bank of Georgia to its owner for a specific gold bar kept in the National Bank of Georgia's vault at the owner's request.

A deed of ownership is registered in the bank's registrar  and is given to you from the bank.

Gold Certificate criteria

GC can be issued to resident as well as non-resident individuals and legal entities.


There are several types of GC:

  • Gold Bar Certificate;
  • Gold Investment Certificate.


Certificate values:

  • Gold Bar Certificate - 20 grams;
  • Gold Investment Certificate - 1 ounce.


The gold bars have the highest purity - 999.9; golden bars equivalent to GC value are kept in the NBG vault.

Gold Certificate Flow and Payments

You can purchase a GC at TBC Bank. However, in order to purchase one. you will need to have an account at the bank in national currecy.

You have the freedom to sell, rent out or gift your GC at any time. You can also demand to exchange it for bold bars.

In the latter case, the terms for exchange are as follows:

  • Gold Bar certificate  - 5 business days after the claim;
  • Gold Investment certificate - 30 business days after the claim.

You can ask to have the gold bars checked prior to their exchange. Once you have exchanged the certificate for the actual gold bars you cannot return them.

Gold Certificate Price and Fees

The price of the GC depends upon changes on the world gold market; it is calculated every business day in a following way: the price at the London Bullion Market Association plus the commision of the National Bank of Georgia.

The above-mentioned price is displayed on NBG's site every day.

Certificate value 20 gr 1 ounce
Buying fee 35 GEL 50 GEL
Selling fee 35 GEL 50 GEL
Claiming fee 35 GEL 50 GEL
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