What is 3D Security Service? 
3D security service is an authentication solution developed and used by international card payment organizations, Visa and Mastercard, to further secure card-not-present transactions over the Internet. It protects cardholders from online fraud/unauthorized use of their payment card data by a third party.  
How does 3D Security Service work?
The service is not available on merchant websites that do not support Verified by VISA and/or MasterCard SecureCode. When making an online purchase from merchants that are 3D security service compliant, the cardholder will receive a one-time code via SMS for additional verification.
What are the benefits of 3D Security Service?
3D security service provides additional security to protect cardhodlers from online fraud/unauthorized use of their payment card data by a third party when making an online purchase;
3D security service does not require any extra application and/or device; 
Before an online purchase is completed, an SMS message with a one-time verification code is sent to the cardholder's mobile phone number. The code will only be accessible to the cardholder and not to a third party or the website owner. 
3D security service is enabled automatically and is free of charge.
When does 3D Security Service NOT work?
3D security ervice does not work for online transactions if the cardholder has entered into the website and saved full payment card details (the 16-digit card number, the expiry date and the CVV number printed on the back of the card) 
  • for further online transactions/ purchases;
  • for recurring payments, when the cardholder is charged automatically at specified times. Recurring payments can be set up for subscription and membership fees or for the recurring purchase of services/goods.
  • Note: Please, consider that 3D Security Service in any case applies to all high- risk sites active in Georgia, e.g. gambling sites, including when performing transactions via site-memorized cards. 
If the card data had been registered on a website before 3D security service was activated, it is recommended that the data be deleted, re-entered and saved.
What to do if my card gets blocked for 3D Security Service online transactions?
If the cardholder enters the one-time verification code incorrectly three times, the transaction will not be completed as the card will be blocked for 3D security service transactions. In this case, please call 24/7 at (+995 32) 2 27 27 27 or send us a message from your internet/mobile banking account.