As JSC TBC Bank is committed to conduct its business with integrity, professionalism, honesty and standards of ethics, has implemented Anonymous Hotline through which you have ability to submit online information regarding incidents/ violations where the employees of the Bank or Its subsidiaries are involved and consists of the following:

  • Participation in fraudulent, corruption, money laundering schemes;
  • Violations of the Bank's internal policies, regulations, instructions;
  • Employee discrimination;
  • Ignoring conflict of interests;
  • Criminal offences (such as burglary/robbery, falsifying documentation);
  • Any type of inappropriate conduct that may jeopardize the Bank's interests, cause financial or reputational damage and/or complicate the working process for any of the Bank's employees.

You are able to submit information anonymously through secured web page.

Please note, that the Anonymous Hotline is not intended for complaints regarding Service Quality, Product Conditions or Technical Deficiencies.

Besides Anonymous Hotline there are following channelsfor reporting violations/incidents implemented in the Bank:

For further information on incident management and a whistleblower's protection terms please see the FAQs.


1.Why does JSC TBC Bank need an Anonymous Hotline?

Anonymous Hotline at TBC Bank is designed for anyone who has information/concerns/well-founded suspicion on incidents/violations in JSC TBC Bank or in its subsidiaries, but refrains from reporting them through other channels.

2.How do I submit a report?

By clicking the "Anonymous Hotline" you will be directed to secure web based reporting form, where you have to provide as much detailed information as it is possible to enable the Bank to analyze the submitted case.

Through the online reporting form you are able to provide your name and e-mail address, yet this is optional.

It is not required but preferable to provide your e- mail address so that the Bank may be able to contact you for additional information or clarification. Taking in consideration your wish to stay anonymous you are allowed to provide e-mail address that will not enable us to identify your personality.

Additionally, you have option to upload supporting documents if there are any.

3.Is there any other mean by which I would be able to send information regarding incident/violation?

Besides Anonymous Hotline there are following means by which you have opportunity to raise a concern:

4.How will my identity remain anonymous?

The Anonymous phone number line never identifies a visitor.

The Anonymous Hotline does not generate or maintain any logs containing Internal Protocol (IP) addresses.


5.In case I submit report not in an anonymous way and provide my identity details, will it remain confidential?

JSC TBC Bank handles both identified reports and anonymous reports confidentially and will not share your name with anyone, unless legally required to do so.


6.What type of incidents/violations should be reported using the Anonymous Hotline?

Using the Anonymous Hotline you should submit incidents/violations those related to unethical, illegal, employees' rights deprivation behavior and at the same time are connected to fraud, falsification, corruption, discrimination, any type of inappropriate conduct that includes but is not limited to:

  • Dishonest conduct by employees that may have an adverse financial effect on the Bank;
  • Intentional falsifying or altering of information
  • Abuse of employee powers and responsibilities for personal or any third-party benefit
  • Employee discrimination
  • Ignoring Conflict of Interest
  • disclosing confidential information to any third party in violation of internal and legal provisions;
  • Trading in the Bank's securities based on inside information;
  • Any type of inappropriate conduct that may jeopardize the Bank's interests, cause financial or reputational damage and/or complicate the working process for any of the Bank's employees.


7.Why should I report a concern?

  • Because values like openness, honesty, integrity, confidence and professionalism are important for you.
  • When you apply to silence considering that incident/violation you are aware of is not applicable for you, you are putting the Bank's activities at risk.
  • Incident/violation reporting on early stages will protect the Bank and its employees from potential damage.
  • You should report, otherwise you will be spontaneous participant in corruption, fraudulent, criminal schemes.