Ideal for remote and offline contact with the bank

Bank-Client software will allow you to:

  • Wire transfers in national currency within Georgia
  • Wire transfers in foreign currency internationally
  • Place Foreign Exchange orders
  • Send Cash Collection Orders
  • Send special text notifications to the bank 

You will also be able to see:

  • Accounts and balances in any currency
  • Account Statements for any period (both in nominal and equivalent)
  • Transaction history in national or other currencies
  • Transaction documentation
  • Official NBG and TBC Bank's commercial Exchange Rates (current & historical)
  • List of all Georgian commercial banks
  • Credentials of the foreign banks you have operated with
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Key features


  • Enables you to perform multiple banking operations remotely without visiting the bank 
  • High security 
  • Bi-lingual User Interface (English and Georgian)
  • Extensive time efficiency


  • Enjoy total Protection and 100% Confedentiality
  • Prevent any unauthorized access to your account
  • Prevent illicit operations on the accounts

Multiple user's administration

The authentication and customer administration procedures significantly simplify the software operation, making it possible to register users with variable accessibility rights. All authorization and cancellation procedures including endorsements are performed by the users with relevant administrative privileges only.

Extra functions

  • Print out the necessary documentation
  • Data filtering and advanced browsing within the system
  • Flexible data sorting
  • Full integration and synchronization with the Microsoft office suite


Software installation 50 GEL 50 GEL
Monthly service fee Single user Every additional user
Georgian version 30 GEL 20 GEL
English version 50 GEL 35 GEL
First months service FREE FREE