TBC APP in Support of Business – HERE.NOW 

TBC offers an application specially designed for businesses. TBC has developed BUSINESS APP to support businesses and meet their needs. Our app will ease your financial operations and business management.

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The new app comes with three main novelties:

First: Multiple request authentication with one Digipass code will make your transfers much simpler. If so far you needed an individual Digipass code for each request, now you can check off several requests and use only one code for confirmation. You can use this feature to authorize staff salary transfers as well.

Second: IBAN scanner will allow you to copy account numbers effortlessly from a webpage or a screen. IBAN scanner will reduce risks related to manual data entry.

Third: Account Switch Service – switch to another account without leaving the app. If you have more than one account, it is comfortable to stay in the app and carry out transactions on your other bank accounts, or just view them.