• Get the card instantly
  • Use in Georgia as well as abroad
  • The card can be used for online shopping
20 GEL
Annual Fee

General Description

Mix is a debit card, which you can get instantly by just one visit in the bank.

In order to get the card, you can visit any branch or service centre that is convenient for you. 

Note: In order to activate your new Card you don't need to place it in ATM and enter your PIN. 

Why Mix?

Mix offers  best terms:

  • You get the card instantly
  • You can use the card in Georgia as well as abroad in any ATM, store or for online purchases
  • You can make payments below GEL 45 without PIN code

Terms and Tarrifs

In order to receive the card, only and ID card is needed. 


Card type MC Debit
Card term 4 years
Annual fee 20 GEL
Min. balance required 0 unit
ATM withdrawal fee (TBC bank, Halyk Bank, Basis bank, Credo Bank) 0.2%, min. 0.2 GEL
Withdrawal from cards in Liberty Bank ATM's 0.7%, min. 0.3 GEL
Other bank's ATM withdrawal fee 2%, min. 3 USD/EUR/GBP or GEL 6 (From GEL account)
Fees in merchants 0%
Other bank's terminal withdrawal fee 2%, min. 3 USD/EUR/GBP or 6 GEL (from GEL account)
24 hr withdrawal limit (in ATMs) 5,000 GEL
24 hr buying limit 10,000 GEL
Weekly buying limit(168 hours) 70,000 GEL
Rompetrol cash back 0.5%
Payments to foreign gambling websites Restricted
Maximum Parallel Cards per Client 10 payments cards
* Weekly sales limit means authorizations carried out by using payment card data, which includes card payments as well as amounts transferred/returned to the card from different merchants/facilities.
How to Order?

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