• Collect points and get presents

Transfer money directly with mobile number, accrue points and get gifts!

Transfer money easily and fast to any recipient in Georgia only by indicating their mobile phone number, accrue points and get: MacBook Air, iPhone 6, iPad and up to100 monetary gifts. 

In order to participate in the campaign: 

  • From July 20, 2015 through August 31, 2015,transfer money via internet bank or mobile bank with just a mobile number 
  • You get 10 points for each transfer with mobile number to a new customer (as soon as the recipient confirms the receipt) 
  • In case the recipient makes transfer to a third consumer, you get additional 10 points 
Top 100 winners will  be revealed according to the points accrued.

Winners of the Campaign

The winners of direct transfer campaign has been determined.

TBC Bank clients, who have transferred money via internet or mobile banking with direct transfers via mobile number during the period of 20 July-31 August, were participating in the promotion.

To view the full list of winners click here.  

Mobile Number
Points Earned
1. M. Katsitadze 599130*** 3,980 Macbook Air
2. D. Ardia 577570*** 3,350 iPhone6
3. T. Japaridze 558256*** 3,210 Ipad Mini

How to get points:

Examples of accruing the points:

Example  #1

  • You transfer money to Oto tree times and Oto receives each transfer. You accrue 10 points, as points are accrued only once per each recipient.

Example  #2

  • You transfer money to Oto and Nutsa (both receive the money) and accrue 20 points (10 points for transfer to Nutsa + 10 points for transfer to Oto);
  • Oto Transfers money to Nika and Anna. You get additional 10 points (as Oto became an active user and also made the transfer).


Points are accrued only on transactions made during the campaign period (20 July 2015  - 31 August 2015)



Macbook Air 1
iPhone 6 2
iPad Mini 3
100 GEL from 4th up to 13th
50 GEL from 14th up to 43th
20 GEL from 44th up to 100th


Who can participate in the campaign?

  • JSC TBC Bank's clients, who are registered users of internet bank or will become such and who will make transfer with mobile phone number during the campaign period;
  • Only resident citizens of Georgia can participate in the campaign


What happens if the clients in Top 100 have the same number of points?

  • If the clients in Top 100 have the same number of points, during the revealing of the winner a priority will be given to the client, who has transferred the largest total amount.
  • If the total amounts transferred are also the same, the priority will be given to the client, whose recipients have made largest total amount of transfers.


When are the winners revealed?

  • The winners will be revealed on 7th October 2015.


How to get information about accrued points?

  • You will receive SMS once a week with accrued points. Also, information will be placed on TBC Bank's web-page.