Ltd Elit Development (Eco House)

Address: Str. Tinatini
Space of the territory: 2500  sq.m
Sales price: 1 sq.m. from $380
Number of storeys: 3
Min. space of the apartment for sale: 36.2 sq.m.
Min. price of the apartment for sale: $18,000
Monthly payment: From $173
Date of registering the property: 11/2016
Condition of the registered property: The apartment is given to the owner in not renovated condition "black frame" or in semi done condition



Creditor Citizen of Georgia or foreign country
Loan Currency USD
Maximum amount of Loan USD 150,000 *
Maximum term of loan From 3 to 180 months
Maximum term of loan for nonresidents 36 months
Collateral Alternative real estate
Loan disbursement fee 1%
Advance payment fee 2%
Contribution 30% interest rate – 9,5% study of the income sources is required
Contribution 50% interest rate - 12%; study of the income sources not required
*Request for the amount above is reviewed individually
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