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  • 0.35% min. transfer fee
  • Transfer and receive money without opening an account
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general description

Using IntelExpress you can transfer money to about 35 countries worldwide, without the need to open a bank account. Transfer money in a currency of your choice: GEL, USD or EUR.

In order to receive money, you will need:

  • Transfer code
  • Sender's name and surname
  • Country
  • Transfer amount
  • Receiver's ID

In order to send money, you will need:

  • Receiver's name and surname
  • Phone number
  • Receiver's country and address
  • Transfer amount
  • Transfer currency
  • Sender's ID

    The time required for money transfer:  0:05 - 0:20 hour.


Transfers within Georgia
International Transfers
GEL 0.35%-0.4% 1%-3%
Other currency (USD, EUR) 0.5% 1%-3%