Internet and Mobile Banking Security

Growing reliance on digital services boosts vulnerability to internet fraud and computer hacking.

However, this in no way means that  internet and mobile banking applications cannot be used safely. We offer several tips that can make your internet and mobile banking experience more secure:

  1. When using internet banking, make sure you are logging on TBC Bank's secure domain (https://) at
  2. Activate two-step login to access internet and mobile banking applications
  3. Make sure your computer or mobile phone is not set up to automatically connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks
    • Make sure you know which network you are connecting to (e.g. if you are going to connect to a network with "TBC Bank" in its name, make sure there is a TBC Bank branch nearby)
    • Try to only use your private Wi-Fi network when checking your banking account; avoid using your banking accounts when connected to public or unknown Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Use a special password
    • Using the same password at different websites remarkably increases chances for hackers. Make sure your internet and mobile banking password is not the same as for other websites.
    • The password should be unique and preferably, a succession of randomly selected letters, digits and special symbols.
    • If you have difficulties remembering your password, you can try a password manager application.
  5. Never allow the web browser to save your internet banking username and password for automatic login.
  6. Create a strong password through a random mixture of digits, upper and lowercase letters and special symbols.
  7. Install antivirus software on devices you use for internet and mobile banking.
  8. Update the software regularly.
    • Updating the software - mobile, PC or antivirus applications - regularly will help you protect your accounts from hackers.
    • Updating will not only improve the operation of your device, but will make it more secure for mobile and internet banking operations.
    • Do not use "hacked" applications. They are often infected and can make your device vulnerable to hackers.
  9. Enter your internet and mobile username and password only on the Bank's official applications.
  10. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it actively.