Additional Terms

Cashback is available only when using TBC POS terminal.
The return period of cashback is two working days.


*Pomegranate - Offers is valid until April 25, 2020;

*Mandarini - Offer is valid until February 29, 2020;

*Hard Rock Cafe - Discount does not apply to alcoholic drinks and ongoing offerings. Discount is valid until 31.12.19;

*Gremi Hall - Discount is valid until 21.04.19;

*Hotel Erekle II - Offer is valid until 31.05.2019;

*Jazz Café Singer - Discount is valid until 01.05.2019;

*Brasserie Tartine - Discount is valid until 30.10.2018;

*Hard Rock Cafe - Discount is valid until 31.12.2018. Discount applies to restaurant and shop and does not include bar service;

*Andropov's Ears - in addition to discount, welcome drink - glass of bubbles will be served. Discount is valid until 01.03.2019;

*Porta Caucasia Kazbegi - Discount is valid until 25.12.2018;

*Carpe Diem - If Carpe Diem already has discounted prices, the additional discount is not applicable. The discount is available only for Status card owners;

*Chateau Mukhrani Wine Bar - Cashback is available only in chateau mukhrani wine bar (Tbilisi);

* Hotel Rcheuli – in case of personal discount you will get 5% discount;

In cinemas cashback is available for online purchases only. Only using following websites