• No need to open an account;
  • Money is reflected on the account momentarily;
  • It is enough for the client to only present transfer code and personal identity card. 


general desctiption

Fast money transfer system in TBC Bank Constanta branches, in the whole country! 


  • Send/receive money  – GEL; USD; EUR;
  • Control number (code) - 11 figures;
  • Limit per one transfer – 3000 units, in transfer currency.
  • Money can be sent or received in any of TBC Bank Constana branches, countrywide;
  • A sender, as well as receiver has to present personal identity card to identify self. In order to receive money transfer, client needs to know a transfer code, amount of transfer and sender's name and surname. 
Transfer Fee
To 1000 units 5 units
1000.01 - 1500 units 7 units
1500.01 - 3000 units 10 units