Activate mobile or internet banking, top up your mobile balance and get 1GB mobile internet.

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Activate Internetbanking 


You can take part in the campaign if you are not registered yet or have not logged into mobile or internetbanking since May 1st, 2020. 

Winners will be revealed daily until July 31, among them who will activate mobile or internet banking and top up their mobile balance.


Detailed information about the winners is given with this table:

Period Number of winners Gift per customer
July 8 – July 16 The first 2000 users 1 GB mobile internet
July 17 – July 23 The first 1500 users 1 GB mobile internet
July 24 – July 31 The first 2000 users 1 GB mobile internet


* In order to receive a gift, it is necessary for the customer to have a mobile phone number indicated in TBC Bank 

* Customer will receive an SMS notification about the victory in the campaign within 3 working days, from which he will find out whether he is among the winners or not.

* To top up your mobile balance, you need to select "Mobile Top-up" from the Mobile or Internet Banking's transfers' category, enter the number you want to transfer money.