Ltd Platinum Invest

Address: Back to N6 Vekua Str.Tbilisi, Georgia
Space of the territory: 1 000 sq.m
Sales price: 1 sq.m. from GEL 1 032
Number of storeys: 10
Min. space of the apartment for sale: 70.4 sq.m.
Min. price of the apartment for sale: GEL 73,000
Monthly payment: from GEL 963
Date of registering the property: 08/2017
Condition of the registered property: The apartment is given to the owner in semi done condition



Creditor Citizen of Georgia or foreign country
Loan Currency USD / GEL
Maximum amount of Loan USD 150,000 / GEL 400,000 *
Maximum term of loan From 3 to 180 months
Maximum term of loan for nonresidents 36 months
Collateral Purchased apartment
Loan disbursement fee 1%
Advance payment fee 2%
Contribution from 10% Interest rate from $7% / GEL 11.5%; study of the income sources is required
Contribution 50% Interest rate from $10% / GEL 12.5%; study of the income sources not required
*Request for the amount above is reviewed individually
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