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The Pupil's Subscription Plan consists of bank products and services that will make pupils' and their parents' life easier. The Plan is designed for individuals from 6 to 18 years of age.


A parent and/or legal guardian may set an individual spending and withdrawal limit on the Pupil's Card:*

  • GEL 10 daily
  • GEL 20 daily
  • GEL 50 daily


For additional security, a parent/legal guardian may monitor their child's accounts through internet banking and the SMS service.

Parents may perform the following activities on their children's card account(s)  from their own internet account: 

  • Add money to the Pupil's Card 
  • Change the PIN
  • Block the card


A parent may receive an SMS report on Pupil's Card transactions: 

*If a parent/legal guardian selects any of the options, the limit will apply separately to cash withdrawal and spending. So, a 10 GEL limit will allow a pupil to withdraw 10 GEL from an ATM and spend another 10 GEL at a store on the same day - use the total of 20 GEL a day. If a parent does not wish to select any of the above limits, a product-specific default withdrawal and spending limit will apply to the card.

Subscription is allowed for non-resident individuals if a document confirming being a pupil at a Georgian educational institurion is presented


  • The Pupil's Subscription Plan and the basic products/services under the Plan are free.
  • Card included in the Plan is a Mastercard debit and a Visa card that can be used in Georgia as well as abroad – at ATMs and at stores.
  • A daily online spending limit can be set on the Card.
  • For more security, a parent can view their child's accounts in their own internet banking account and receive transaction reports.
  • Subscribers will enjoy diverse and relevant offers from various stores, academic institutions and entertainment facilities. The offers will be posted on: WWW.TBCYOUTH.GE
  • Campaign details will be available to cardholders and their parents via various information channels run by the Bank: social networks, SMS texts, the Bank's website.

Terms and Tariffs

Basic products included in the Subsctiption Plan:

  • Card for pupils with a special design
  • Internet and Mobilebank
  • SMS service
Product/ Service Pupils's Plan Standard Terms and Conditions
Monthly /Annual - 0 GEL
2 cards-free Without a subscription plan is only 1 card available
Cash withdrawal from TBC ATMs 0% 0%
Cash withdrawal from partner Bank ATMs 0.2% 0,2 %
Cash withdrawal via Wallet 0.2% მინ. 0.2 ლარი 0.2% მინ. 0.2 ლარი
Cash withdrawal from other banks' ATMs 2%, მინ. 3 USD/EUR/GBP ან 6 GEL  2%, მინ. 3 USD/EUR/GBP ან 6 GEL 
ATM withdrawal limit -24 hours 1000 GEL 1000 GEL
ATM cash withdrawal limit -168 hours 7000 GEL 7000 GEL
Purchase limit -24 hours 1000 GEL 1000 GEL
Purchase Limit -168 hours 7000 GEL 7000 GEL
Inclusion in the STOP list -local free free
Inclusion in the STOP list -international 50 USD per region, once a week 50 USD per region, once a week
Cash withdrawal limit 10 GEL/20 GEL/ 50 GEL (the limits will apply to withdrawal and purchase separately) 10 GEL/20 GEL/ 50 GEL (the limits will apply to withdrawal and purchase separately)
Card replacement free free
Gambling Transactions Restricted Restricted
Cash withdrawal from subscription plan card account in TBC Bank branches   <= 3,000 GEL - 2%, min. 2 GEL <= 3,000 GEL - 2%, min. 2 GEL
<=1000 USD/EURO/GBP -  2% , min. 1 USD/EURO/GBP <=1000 USD/EURO/GBP -  2% , min. 1 USD/EURO/GBP
 >3000/ >1000 USD/EURO/GBP - 0,6 %  >3000/ >1000 USD/EURO/GBP - 0,6 %
Internet/Mobail bank free free
SMS service free 1 GEL monthly

The Client is aware of their right to refuse to accept the product/service provided within the scope of this Application (Agreement). The Rules/Terms and Conditions of refusing a product-service are set out in the Agreement on Banking Transactions published on the Bank's website.

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