Additional Terms

Cashback is available only when using TBC POS terminal
The return period of cashback is two working days.


*Calvin Klein - Offer is valid until 01.06.19;

*Sarajishvili - Offer is valid until 31.12.19;

*Laboratory My Home - Cashback does not apply on discounted items;

*Commodus - Discount is valid until 09.05.2019;

*Dots  - Offer is valid until 22.07.19;

*Matériel -  Offer is available until 19.03.2019;

*Sarajishvili - Cashback is not available on "Sarajishvili Trilogy";

*GAPHERRINI - Discount is available in Pekini brand shop only (22 Pekini, Tbilisi). Discount is not available for discounted goods, or during any additional discounts.