If you are a teacher, pay with any TBC MasterCard debit card in grocery stores and get back 5% of the amount paid.


If you do not have a TBC MasterCard debit card:

Subscribe to TBC Plan 2  for free and take advantage of special offers.

Any TBC user who is a teacher by profession participates in the promotion.


Cards participating in the teachers' promotion:

  • Any TBC MasterCard debit card


Promotion period:

  • October 11 - November 11, 2021


How to get a 5% return:

  • The teachers will get cashback to the account of the used MasterCard card no later than November 30, after the transaction.


Additional Terms:

  • Only transactions at TBC Bank POS terminal will be considered as transactions.
  • A maximum refund within 1 month – 70 GEL
  • TBC Bank reserves the right not to return 5% of the amount paid to the customer in case of suspicious transaction.
  • If the customer does not use the TBC Plan for 6 months, customer will pay a standard plan fee - 2 GEL per month.


* Offer does not apply to Concept Customers