• Periodic transfers are easy as never before
  • Automatic transfers and currency exchanges
  • Transfer amount and frequency defined by you

General Information

Need to make periodic transfers to your vendor? Then our Standing Order Service is for you.

TBC Bank allows you to accomplish cash pooling, transfers and currency exchanges automatically.

You define the amount and frequency of transfers: they can be made daily, weekly or monthly.

Types of Transfers

Transfer to Own Account
Transfer Within TBC Bank
Transfer Within Georgia
Fixed amount transfer * * *
Currency exchange * - -
Transfer involvin currency exchange * * *
Transfer including account ballance control * * *
Cash pooling * - -


Registration fee Free
Service fee Free


Which account types can be used for transfers?

  • Current account (incoming and outgoing);
  • Plastic card account (incoming and outgoing);
  • Savings accounts, such as My Safe, Saving Deposit etc. (only incoming transfers)*;
  • Term Deposits, such as Term, Term+, Child, My Goal etc. (only incoming transfers).

*Conversion and transfers to and from savings type accounts are only possible within a client's personal accounts.


In which currencies can be made transfer?

  • Transfers within TBC Bank are possible in any currency;
  • Transfers outside TBC Bank are possible only in GEL.


How are the currency exchanges performed?

  • TBC Bank's current commercial exchange rate will be applied to currency exchange transactions;
  • The official exchange rate of National Bank of Georgia set for the day of order execution will be applied for the transfers involving different currencies.


What happens when funds are insufficient?
If funds are insufficient to execute the order, the transfer service will "wait" for sufficient funds for 10 business days. However, if after 10 business days there are still no funds available, the transfer will not be made.


What happens when the transfer day is a holiday?

If the transfer day is a holiday or a weekend, the order will go through the following business day.


What are the priorities for the same date Direct Debit payments?

  • If the client's application does not indicate the sequence of automatic transfers, they (except from the automatic utility payments) will be performed as per to the date of the client's application submitted to the bank (the automatic transfer for which the application was submitted earlier will be performed first);
  • If insufficient funds are on the account to perform the primary transfer order, the bank will perform the next priority automatic transfer if the sufficient funds appear on the account for this priority transfer;
  • The bank has the right to cancel the Direct Debit order unless the automatic transfer is performed within 30 attempts; after the Direct Debit order is cancelled, the client should fill out the application form once again for the Direct Debit service;
  • If the transfer day is a holiday or a weekend, the order will go through the following business day.
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