Why Unistream?

  • Low commissions for the transfers
  • No bank account required
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General Description

Unistream is an international money transfer system, which allows you to easily, quickly and safely transfer money to your relatives and friends living in Russia, CIS and other countries.


The advantages of the Unistream money transfer system:

  • It is cost effective: low commissions for the transfers to Russia, CIS and other countries;
  • It is simple: opening a bank account is not required from the sender of the transfer;
  • It is quick: the paperwork takes only a few minutes, and if you use a Unistream Client's Card, it will take even less time;
  • It is convenient: when sending a money transfer you can either specify the exact office for the money payout or you can name only the country and the city where the transfer is forwarded. The recipient of the transfer can select the most suitable money payout office on his/her own;


Millions of customers all over the world trust Unistream. They are sure that each and every money transfer will immediately reach its recipient.

The time required for money transfer:  0:10 – 48:00 hour.

Terms and Fees

To make a transfer you need to:

  • Go to any bank office, suitable for you, which offers Unistream transfers 
  • Have your ID with you
  • Select the country and the city where you are transferring the amount


To receive money you need to:

  • Know the sender's control number for the transfer and the amount of money sent
  • Visit a bank office where Unistream transfers are made
  • Have your ID with you


Transferred money will be paid out completely, without a fee deduction from the recipient's amount.
For more information about Unistream offers please go to www.unistream.com

Transfer Currency USD, EUR and RUB
Transfer Fees
CIS <2999 USD/EUR - 1%, >3000 USD/EUR - 35 USD/EUR
Russia 0.5%
Turkey 0.8%
Greece 0.6%, min 5USD/EUR
Great Britain and Czech Republic 1.5%
Israel 1.7%
Money Receiving Free
Transfer Security You receive a unique code consisting of 10 digits while making a transfer; You only need to tell this code to the recipient.