Why Zolotaya Korona?

  • 1% transfer fee
  • Get your money in a matter of seconds
  • Win monetary prizes
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Zolotaya Korona


General Description

Zolotaya Korona offers you money transfers to CIS countries. 

Zolotaya Korona is:

  • Fast – you can receive your money in within seconds from the transfers
  • Convenient – when sending money, you will only need to indicate receiver's country, city, name and surname
  • Secure – you can always check the status of your transfer on www.perevod-korona.com
  • Easy – indicate receiver's mobile number when sending the money, and he or she will get a transfer code via SMS. Would you like to be notified about the receipt of transfer? Indicate your mobile number and we will notify you about it as well.

    The time required for money transfer:  0:01 - 0:15 hour.


Transfer receipt Free
Transferring money from Russia <2000 USD/1200 EUR - 1%, >2000 USD/1200 EUR - 0.5%, no more than 15 USD/15 EUR/750 RUR
Transferring money from Georgia to Russia 1%, no more than 40 USD/30 EUR/1000 RUR
Transferring money from Georgia to other countries From 1%, depending on the country