Updated Cash Withdrawal Rates


Product Concept Premium / Digital Concept 360  Standard Date of change
Current account 0,4% 0,2% 0,6% 25.10.2023
My Safe deposit with indexed interest rate (GEL)* 0,15% 0,15% - 25.11.2023
My Safe deposit 0,4% 0,2% 0,6% 25.11.2023
Savings deposit** 0,4% 0,2% 0,6% 25.11.2023
Card account(Cash register only***) 0,4% 0,1% GEL, 0,15% foreign currency 0,6% 25.11.2023

The rates apply to GEL as well as foreign currency accounts
*My Safe deposit with indexed interest rate is not available independently of the Concept Plan.
**Withdrawal of funds deposited into the Savings account in cash is free of charge at Concept cash desks.
***The withdrawal fee on Concept Card accounts at cash desk changed to 0,4% from 0,6%, while the withdrawal fee on card accounts not covered by the Concept Plan remains the same.


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