Become a TBC customer – anywhere in the world

If you are a Georgian citizen living abroad, you can get TBC's tailored banking services wherever you stay. 

Manage your accounts and deposits online, get approved for a loan and make easy money transfers from anywhere in the world. 

If you have a Georgian phone number, you can become a TBC customer in 90 minutes. Learn more
If you do not have a Georgian phone number, submit a POA and get a tailored subscription plan. 

Start banking online

Download the Digital Bank, sign up and make a transfer between your accounts or to other person's account online. 
In TBC Digital Bank, you can view the available balance in your card account, pay your bills, make loan payments or move money to your savings account. 

Add money to your account easily

If you are a Georgian citizen living abroad and wish to add money to your account:
  • Receive IntelExpress or RIA money transfer at your personal account. Submit your banking details to the operator and get the money credited to your account. 
  • You can send or receive any remittance from/at your personal account with the help of the Call Center or via Digital Bank. To do so, you should indicate your name and surname in the field for Receiver.

Get approved for a quick loan


If you need extra cash for your unexpected daily expenses, apply for a quick consumer loan on will only need to submit the proof of your 5 money transfers in the past 6 months. 

Loan limit: 100-3,000 GEL 
Term: 3-36 months
Interest rate: from 12.25% 
Effective interest rate: from 16%


Choose your apartment

If you are a Georgian citizen living abroad and have found your desired real property, take a mortgage loan from TBC Bank on special terms. You will not need to come to Georgia. Your application will be discussed through the simplified income verification approach. 
To qualify for a mortgage loan, you will only need to pay down 30% of the real property value. If you wish to apply for a loan without the down payment, your application will be discussed on standard mortgage loan terms. 
If you have not found your desired property yet, you can have a look at our partner building companies' offers for Georgian citizens working abroad. 
Leave your information on and our representative will contact you ASAP at your preferred phone number. 
Loan currency:  GEL, USD, EUR
Loan term: 6-240 months (120 months for foreign currency loans)
Interest rate: GEL – from 13.9%, EUR – from 6.35%, USD - from 7.8% (for indexed loans)
Effective interest rate: GEL – from 15.44%, EUR – from 7.11%, USD – from 8.68%

Start saving

Open an account with TBC Bank, start saving and and enjoy extra benefits.
If you are a Georgian citizen living abroad and have signed up for TBC Digital Bank, you can open an account using your phone number anywhere in the world.
Find Terms and Conditions best suiting your needs.