• Simple savings in a deposit account
  • Save money as you spend it
  • Pay by card and start savings
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General Description

What is My Savings Box?

  • My Savings Box allows saving to a deposit account in a simple way, upon debit card transactions. Two options are available:
  • Fixed
  • Rounding 

What amount can be saved?

  • Choose an amount to be transferred to your Savings Box account upon a debit card transaction.


  • Fixed option – choose an amount equaling or above 0.50 GEL.

Example: You have chosen 3 GEL and performed 20 transactions over a month.

Amount chosen

Number of transactions over a month

Total amount  saved



60 GEL

  • Rounding option – the transaction amount is rounded to the nearest multiple of the amount chosen for My Savings Box and the difference between the transaction amount and the rounded amount will be transferred to My Savings Box.

Example: You have chosen multiples of 5 and performed three transactions over a month. Each transaction amount will be rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 and the difference will be transferred to My Savings Box.

Amount chosen

Transaction amounts over a month

Savings from each transaction

Total amount saved

Multiples of 5

3,50 GEL

1,50 GEL

8,00 GEL

6,50 GEL

3,50 GEL

12,0 GEL

3,00 GEL


Note: This option precludes the choice of 1, as all natural numbers are its multiples and the difference between the paid and rounded amounts will always equal zero.

How to save with My Money Box?

  • Savings are accumulated upon card transactions including:
  • Card payments at points of sale;
  • Online card payments;
  • Cash withdrawal from ATM. 

Where do savings accumulate?

  • The savings may be assigned to the following accounts:
  • A cumulative deposit My Goal;
  • Savings Deposit;
  • My Safe
  • The interest rate set for the selected deposit will apply to the savings.

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How to sign up?

  • You can sign up for My Money Box at any TBC Bank branch, or via call center, internet and mobile banking.