For the first time in Georgia, south east Europe and Caucasus region!

  • Payment without plastic card, with any item
  • Up to 45 GEL payment without PIN


Pay Sticker is an innovative, fastest and most convenient payment method.

Put the sticker on the item you desire, for example on your mobile phone. When you are paying for goods or service, put your item with a sticker to the terminal and your payment is made!

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General Description

  • Technological innovation: transaction without plastic card, only via bringing the sticker near the terminal!
  • Speed:  contactless transaction is 3 times faster than traditional method of payment.
  • News: Now you can withdraw money from TBC Bank ATMs with your Pay Sticker
  • Recommended  to apply  the standard Visa plastic cards if traveling abroad.


For transactions less than 45 GEL, pin is not necessary.


Pay Sticker is tied to your debit card account, respectively, when payment is made, the amount placed on your debit card is used. 


Payments via Pay Sticker is possible in all stores and service providers, where contactless payment logo is displayed.


It's recommended to place sticker on desired item only once, because changing its place frequently may cause the product damage.

Terms and Fees

Card type VISA Sticker
Validity 2 years
Annual fee 12 GEL
Minimum balance required 0 units
ATM withdrawal fee (TBC Bank, Debit sticker) 0.2% (min. 0.2 GEL)
ATM withdrawal fee (TBC Bank, Credit sticker) 3.9% (min. 5.5 GEL)
Fees in merchants (POS) 0%
24 hour withdrawal and purchasing limit 4000 GEL




































































































































































1. On which item pay sticker can be attached? 
Pay sticker can be attached to frequently used item. For ex: cell phone, wallet, key ring. Most often it is attached to a cell phone. 

2. Is it possible to puncture Pay Sticker?
Pay sticker's perforation is unacceptable, it will cause card damage and we can no longer use it. 

3. Is it possible to change the place of attached pay sticker?
Frequently changing place of pay sticker can cause card damage. 

4. Is it possible to attach pay sticker inside the cell phone?
It is recommended not to attaché pay sticker inside the cell phone. Furthermore it is not recommended to attach it on battery of mobile phone. 

5. Is it possible to make cell phone case and then make a transaction?
We can make transaction with protection case over cell phone. It is necessary while attaching pay sticker its front side was turn to pos terminal screen. 

6. How to make transaction by pay sticker?
Approach pay sticker to POS terminal screen approximate 4 cm. better if we approach pay sticker to terminal screen angles, where it is easier to catch waves. It is recommended to hold card for few seconds on terminals screen. 

7. How can I withdraw money from ATM with my Pay Sticker?
In order to withdraw money from TBC Banks ATMs place the Pay Sticker near the contactless reader and enter the PIN.


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