• 24 hour Receive reservations
  • Low costs
  • Worldwide transactions with VISA/MasterCard cards

General Description

GEOPAY is a 3D Secure-protected remote payment gateway that enables a merchant to place a pre-authorization hold on or draw the reservation amount from the customer's card account.

GEOPAY is intended for hotels, travel agencies and car rental agencies. 

Effective Tariffs

Monthly fee:

  • Monthly fee -  30 GEL.

Transaction fees:

  • 2.5% for VISA/MC  issued by Georgian banks
  • 3.0% for VISA/MC  issued by foreign banks
  • Authorization fee/reversal fee - 0%
  • Chargeback fee /complaint fee - 0%

Limits and Reserves

Standard limits:

  • Per transaction limit – 2 000 GEL
  • Per day limit - 2 000 GEL
  • Per month limit - 5 000 GEL
  • Transaction frequency per card – once in 15 days

Standard Insurance Reserve:

  • 10% of the transaction amount (for 6 months) + fixed 500 GEL

*Limit – restricted number and amount of transactions within a specific period of time.

*Insurance reserve – an amount which the Merchant deposits into the reserve account. The amount will only be used to compensate the Bank for the loss incurred due to disputed transactions (in any).

Online Registration

For GEOPAY integration:

  • Follow the link and fill out the form - tbcpayments.ge/order
  • You will receive a reply at the email address indicated in the application within 3 (three) business days (if the response is positive, you will receive service terms and conditions).

Required Documents per Business Profile


  • Extract from the Public Registry or Lease Agreement
  • The hotel's website address or a link to its booking.com listing (or hotel photos if the website and booking.com listing are not available)

Travel Agencies:

  • Description of the goods/services offered (flight tickets, tour packages)
  • Agreements with partner companies (hotels, airlines)
  • Office photos (if applicable)

Car Rental Agencies:

  • Office photos (if applicable)
  • Technical details and photos of the vehicles


What is a remote payment gateway?

A portal that enables a merchant to accept online/long-distance payments from customers.

Which businesses can benefit from GEOPAY?

  • Hotels
  • Travel agencies
  • Car rental agencies

When may I need to use GEOPAY services?

To place a hold on the reservation amount available in the customer's card account or to draw the amount in advance.  

How does remote debiting work?

  • A private account is created for a merchant upon integration.
  • The merchant forwards to the customer an online invoice together with a payment link.
  • The customer enters his/her card data and the amount is drawn from his/her card account.

Is it possible to place a pre-authorization hold on customer funds?

GEOPAY allows merchants to place a hold on the funds available in the customer's card account.

Is it possible to accept a partial payment?   

Yes, the merchant can accept a partial as well as full payment.

How long does it take a remote payment to arrive to the destination account?

The transfer delivery time is 3 business days.

Why is the reserve necessary?

Reserve funds are required in case a complaint is filed against a payment transaction.

If a customer cancels the reservation, is it possible to return the amount drawn in advance?

If a customer cancels the reservation and the payment has been drawn in advance remotely, it is possible to return the payment to the customer.