General Description TPAY WEB/TPAY QR

Join us to create simple payment experience in the physical and digital spaces.

A new payment channel for your business:

  • Payments with VISA/MC cards issued by Georgian banks
  • Improved sales
  • Innovative payment opportunities
  • Transfer delivery period – 3 business days
  • Simplified integration
  • Permanent technical support
  • Detailed information on transactions – control and manage sales channels from the TPAY portal.

Service Limits

Standard limits for TPAY WEB:

  • Per transaction limit – 1500 GEL;
  • Daily limit - 4 000 GEL;
  • Monthly limit - 10 000 GEL;

Standard limits for TPAY QR:

  • Per transaction limit  - 1000 GEL;
  • Daily limit - 3 000 GEL;
  • Monthly limit - 10 000 GEL;

Online Registration

  • Follow the link and get registered.
  • Our service manager will contact you within 24 hours from registration.

Effective Tariffs

TPAY WEB / TPAY QR monthly service fee - 0 GEL

TPAY QR transaction fee:

  • For VISA/MC issued by TBC Bank – 1.5% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • For VISA/MC issued by other Georgian banks- 2% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • Authorization fee/reversal fee - 0%
  • Chargeback fee /complaint fee - 0%

TPAY WEB transaction fee:

  • For VISA/MC issued by Georgian banks- 2% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • Authorization fee/reversal fee - 0%
  • Chargeback fee /complaint fee - 0%


What is Tpay Web?

  • Tpay Web is a service that enables you to accept online payments.

What is QR code payment?

  • It is a payment method that enables users to make payments at any retail location via an application or internet banking;

Do I need to have a website to be able to accept payments via Tpay Web?

  • To integrate the Tpay Web service, it is necessary to have a website.

Which legal status do I need to have for Tpay/QR  integration?

You only need to be registered as a taxpayer, no matter whether an individual or a legal person. 

Who will be eligible to make payments with QR codes?

  • TBC mobile banking users, as well as anyone who has VISA/ MC issued by Georgian banks and runs the application on their device.
  • Which banks' cards are applicable for Tpay/QR code payment?

VISA/ MC issued by any Georgian bank.

  • Is there any charge for Tpay and QR integration?

No, Tpay and QR integration is free.