If you are dissatisfied with the Bank's services or the Bank has violated any provision, you may make a complaint in any of the ways provided below:

  • contact the TBC Call Center: +995 32 2 272727 ;
  • submit a standard letter of complaint in a TBC branch or service center;
  • File a complaint using your digital banking account or through the e-mail listed on the Bank's website.

Your complaint will be discussed by the Complaint Management Team of the Customer Support Department of TBC Bank JSC. 


  • The maximum period of the review of the complaint is determined by the applicant's address and if necessary, no later than one month from the identification of the consumer. 
  • The term of consideration of the registered complaint/ claim about tax services, is determined no later than 20 working days after the receipt of the complaint. (In case of special need, no later than 55 working days).
  • The term of consideration of the application / complaint recorded within the framework of the law on personal Data Protection, is determined no later than 10 working days after the receipt of the complaint.

You will be informed about the decision on your compliant in writing and/or otherwise (by phone, by email or online) as agreed between you and the Bank, or in the same way you filed the complaint.

You can check the status of your complaint in any branch/service center and/or through digital channels.

Pursuant to the Law of Georgia on Payment Systems and Payment Services, customers are entitled to lodge a dispute against the Bank with the NBG Dispute Resolution Commission (hereinafter the "Commission") within the term envisaged by the Law of Georgia/this Agreement, if the Bank has not satisfied their claim or has satisfied it partially (and/or has not responded to their complaint). The customer right to dispute hereunder arises if the value of the subject matter of the dispute does not exceed 50 000 GEL (or the equivalent in foreign currency, as of the date on which the disputed activity took place or the customer lodged a complaint). Furthermore, customers are entitled to apply to the court directly, without first applying to the Commission. A dispute can be submitted to the Commission no later than 6 (six) months from the date on which it was filed with the Bank. The Committee will discuss the dispute envisaged herein free of charge. The Commission Regulations (including the rules and procedure for lodging a dispute) are provided in NBG Council's Resolution #2 of 26 July 2023 ("NBG Dispute Resolution Commission Regulations"). 

For useful information, go to the National Bank of Georgia's website www.nbg.gov.ge/cp and/or call the hotline – +995 32 2 406 406