Announcement of TBC Bank Group PLC ("TBC PLC")

TBC Bank Group PLC ("TBC PLC") confirms that, further to today's announcement by the Georgian office of Public Prosecution,  the Chairman and Deputy Chairman have decided to step down from the board of TBC PLC with immediate effect. They have both arrived at this  decision after careful consideration in order to ensure that the allegations made against them do not affect the Group and to be able to concentrate on refuting those allegations.

The Board and the Management would like to thank the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman for their vision when they founded the bank in the early 1990's and their invaluable contributions in successfully turning it into one of the largest and most respected companies in the South Caucasus region. 

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Change of cash withdrawal commission for TBC Bank plastic cards from Liberty Bank ATMs

Dear customers

Please be kindly informed that From 15 July 2019, TBC Bank card holders will be charged 0.7%, min. 30 tetris for cash withdrawal from Liberty Bank ATMs. For more convenience of our customers, 75 new ATMs were added to TBC Bank's ATM network. The cash withdrawal charge for TBC Bank cards will not change at TBC Bank's other partner bank ATMs (VBT Bank, Basis Bank and Halyk Bank).

Thank you for using our services.

Please be further informed regarding loans that have a grace period

Dear customers,
Please be further informed regarding loans that have a grace period

Interest accrued on loans that have a grace period will become due after the grace period expires, in accordance with a respective schedule. If such a loan is prepaid partially or fully during the grace period, the borrower will settle all outstanding payments accrued up to the date of prepayment, including the interest accrued before the mentioned date. If prepayment is done after a grace period, the client will settle the total amount of interest accrued during the grace period, as well as other outstanding payments. 

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