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General Description

The terms of policy includes insuring the car owned or used by insurer from accidents, theft, robbery, villanious acts, falling of things on the car, natural disasters, damage to glasses/mirrors. 

Can be insured by any car owner who:

  • Is at least of 18 years old;
  • Uses car for personal transportation;
  • Has valid driver's license;

Insurance implies following terms: 

  • Covering damage unlimited at place;
  • 24 hr technical assistance on the roads;
  • 24 hr service from car-service group.

Terms and Fees

ტარიფების დათვლა მოხდება ინდივიდუალურად ფრანშიზის და მომხმარებლის ასაკის მიხედვით


What is the term of the policy? 

  • The policy is for 1 year;
  • In case customer wants to cancel the policy, they should visit the bank and submit the request on cancellation of the product. 


  • In case the insurance event takes place, the franchise indicated in the policy is deducted from the amount to be covered. 

Exceptions that will not be covered:

  • Damage from theft or robbery is not covered if the keys of the car insured was left inside or the doors of the car were left open;
  • Devaluation, amortization, depreciation; damage of mechanic or electronic systems due to the reasons/risks not related to the insured risks; 
  • Confiscation, arrest, detention or loss/damage caused as a result of actions ordered by the state; 
  • Loss caused by the damage of computer or software, if  this is not a result of insurance event; 
  • Any repair or other type of expense, which will improve the condition of the insured car compared to the state it was before insurance event; 
  • Any repair expense caused by the reasons existing before the insurance; 
  • Damage of interior, seats, cases and carpets, except the case when such damage is caused by insured risks; 
  • damage caused to chassis, transmission, motor, tires or discs by the bad roads. 

What should the driver do in case of insurance event? 

  • The driver should not move the car from the insurance event place;
  • The driver should call hotline of TBC insurance (2 42 22 22);
  • The driver should contact patrol police from the place of the event. 

What happens if the product price is not paid on time? 

  • After 14 days of delay insurance reimbursement is stopped. The insurance becomes active after the payment of the due amount;
  • In case of 30 day delay, the insurance of credit payments is cancelled (insurance event that took place during this period, will not be covered);
  • The information on stopping or cancelling the policy is not delivered by SMS. 
  • Insurance can be cancelled at the request of the client too. For cancellation client should visit any branch or service centre of TBC Bank.
  • In case policy is cancelled at the request of the client, client has to pay a fine equal to one month premium. 

Payment of product premium 

  • Premium is paid automatically, via Direct Debit, which is activated during the registration of the insurance. 
  • This policy is not sold without the registration of Direct Debit.

Details of  event regulation

  • Insurance event is regulated in TBC insurance, in 10 days after the client submits necessary documents;
  • In case insurance case is positively regulated, TBC insurance will cover the damage to third party within the limits of the insurance during 10 calendar days.

Other important information

  • Police purchased should be signed and the first premium paid;
  • In order for the policy to become active, the car should be externally examined (and the photos of it taken);
  • Insurance works only when the premium is paid on time.
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