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  • Safer online shopping
  • Fraud protection

General Description

Protect your card from unlawful use in Georgia and abroad! 
If you subscribe to the card security service, a 3-day refund will apply to: 
  • Unlawful third party use of your card; 
  • Failed transactions (your transactions that cannot be completed)

Terms and Tariffs


Card transaction category

Card security service refund limits (per type of service)  



Premium +

Unlawful transactions performed with chip cards without PIN or with chipless cards

2 000 GEL

5 000 GEL

10 000 GEL

Unlawful online transactions

500 GEL

1 000 GEL

4 000 GEL

‘Services not Provided' / ‘Merchandise Not Received' or ‘Not as Described / Defective Merchandise'

500 GEL

500 GEL

500 GEL

E-Wallet fraud

200 GEL

500 GEL

500 GEL

Contactless transactions without PIN with a lost/stolen card / fraudulent transactions

200 GEL

500 GEL

500 GEL

Service fee (annual)1:


(included in the Plan 5 price2)

10 GEL

(included in the Plan 10 price2)

Included in the Concept Plan price and offered to Concept Plan holders only2


Additional terms:

  • The card security service may apply to any type of credit and debit cards, new as well as the existing ones (with the exception of business cards).
  • Only one type of the card security service may apply to one payment card;
  • The card security service will be effective until the card expires (max. 4 years);
  • The service allows for two refunds a year3 per card (within the respective refund limit);
  • Only one type of the card security service may apply to one payment card;

It is a one-time service and will be automatically cancelled upon the first event of an unlawful use of the card, as well as upon the cancellation of the card regardless of the cause. The card security service will also terminate if there is evidence of the Cardholder's fraud/ action committed in bad faith or intended fault;

  • If a card is cancelled before its expiration date or is damaged or lost, the respective security service will be cancelled as well;
  • The Cardholder is recommended to lodge a suspicious transaction dispute with the bank immediately, but no later than 60 days of the transaction date;
  • Card security service details are provided in the Agreement on Banking Transactions for Individuals;

The amount of the fee will depend on the type of the card security service. The fee is to be paid upon the purchase of the service and each subsequent year thereafter. If the Client is the holder of a service plan that covers the card security service, the card security service fee will be included in the service plan price;

For the service plan details go to:; for the Concept Plan details go to:;

The period is calculated from date the card security service is purchased or activated automatically.


  • The refund will only take 3 business days;1
  • Protection against Internet fraud and the possible card-related problems;

If a card transaction amount has not been deducted from the account, you may file an application with the Bank, but the chargeback and/or refund will only be initiated after the respective amount has been deducted;

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When may you need to dispute a card transaction?

If you are overcharged on your card or your transaction history shows a card payment you have not made, you may dispute the transaction with your bank, while the Bank will initiate a chargeback on your behalf with Visa/MasterCard or the local store that accepted the payment. 



2. How to report a suspicious/failed transaction to the bank?

A suspicious/failed transaction must be reported to the bank immediately via:
  • The bank's branch office/service centre;
  • Hotline;
  • Internet/mobile banking (by sending a message);
  • Your personal banker.


3. How long after a suspicious/failed transaction can you lodge a dispute with the bank?

It is strongly recommended to contact the bank and dispute a suspicious/failed charge as soon as it comes to your notice. An additional written statement can be submitted  to the bank within 60 days of the event;



4. How long will it take the bank to review the disputed transaction and issue a refund?

If a cardholder / a client is the user of the card security service:


The disputed funds will be refunded and credited to the client's account within 3 complete business days after the client files a dispute with the bank. The refund will be paid within the limit for the respective type of the card security service;


Note: A necessary precondition for refunding a suspicious/failed transaction is that the transaction must have been processed and the amount deducted from the client's account, which means that the amount must not be on hold.


Example:  if a client, who is the user of the card security service, files a dispute with the bank on Saturday (a non-business day), the amount will be refunded and credited to the client's account on Wednesday provided the card security service terms are satisfied;


If a client is not the  user of the card security service:

The refund can nevertheless be issued, however, after the chargeback with Visa/MasterCard or the local merchant (if the transaction was performed in Georgia) has been completed, within no later than 55 days. In some cases, the review period may increase if the involvement of an arbiter becomes necessary, pursuant to the rules of Visa/MasterCard;


5. If the client is the card security service user, can a dispute take longer than 3 days from filing a chargeback?  

Yes, the review and refund of transactions listed below may take longer than 3 days, but, normally, no more than 55 business days:

  • Release of funds placed on hold (making the funds available to the client);
  • Funds retained in an ATM (abroad);
  • PIN-based transactions;
  • 3D-Secure transactions;
  • Ecommerce transaction settlement failure (online sales proceeds are not settled to the merchant's account), due to which the client is not provided with the service/merchandise.
  • Transfers to the treasury and state organizations;
  • Broker transactions;
  • Transactions of payment service providers (e.g. utility payments, mobile top-up via TBC Pay/ and other payment service providers)
  • Delayed capture of payments. For example, the client paid 150 GEL with his/her card. The amount was put on hold until 31 January and the respective amount (150) was debited later, on 15 February;
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) refund claims (when a payment is made in the client's preferred currency and not in the merchant's local currency).
  • Cash withdrawal by customers at the Bank's facilities."



6. Is the card security service available for legal persons?

  • So far, card security service facilities are not available for legal persons.
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