General Description

In case you want not only to store deposit securely, but also to add funds to it – there is a Term+ Deposit for you. It will allow you to add funds to the initial deposit anytime via our remote channels.

Term+ Deposit allows you to add funds on a monthly basis. The bank will accrue interest on each amount you deposit, thus enabling you to accumulate funds in the most efficient way.



Interest Rate

Interest withdrawal at the end of the term

Interest withdrawal on a monthly basis

3-6 Months





From 9.25%

From 9.06%

6-8 Months





From 9.47%

From 9.06%

9-11 Months





From 9.61%

From 9.06%

12-14 Months





From 9.75%

From 9%

15-17 Months





From 9.89%

From 8.95%

18-23 Months





From 10.11%

From 8.89%

24 Months





From 10.34%

From 8.73%

Other terms

Type of deposit interest rate:

Fixed interest rate.


Account opening free;

Cash-out commission in GEL: 0,2 % of the deposit amount;

Cash-out commission in foreign currency: 0,6 % of the deposit amount;

Minimum deposit: The minimum initial balance on the Term+ Deposit account is 1000 GEL; Further deposits are as low as 500 GEL.

Terms and conditions:

  • You can open a Term+ Deposit for the period of 3 to 24 months;
  • Additional deposit made within the last 3 months before the maturity shall accrue interest similar to that of a savings deposit. Appropriate annual interest, given in the table is applied for the additional deposits made within the period above 3 months term before expiration date.
  • Additional transfers to the Term+ Deposit account are not limited via Internet and Mobile Banking or from other bank accounts;
  • The interest on each additional contribution ­tranche­ of "Term+" deposit shall be accrued according to the interest rate stipulated by the bank for the relevant "term+" deposit before e­piration of the term of deposit.


Premature cancellation:

  • The deposit will not earn interest if cancelled within 12 months from opening; 
  • The deposit will earn annual 2% (GEL) from the date of opening till the date of early closure if cancelled after 12 months from opening; 
  • In case of termination after 12 month after opening of the deposit in foreign currencies no interest will be accrued on the deposit;
  • If the deposit holder has already drawn the interest, the part of the interest paid early will be deducted from the deposit amount.

*Note: already withdrawn interest will be deducted from the principal amount. 

**The Depositor  shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement early.


Deposit in foreign currency:

  • The deposit in the foreign currency puts the customer before significant risk.
  • Currency rate fluctuation might considerably reduce the interest expressed in GEL.


Please consider that:

  • Your deposit is insured under the Deposit Insurance System in compliance with the Law of Georgia on Deposit Insurance System.
  • If the Main Terms of the Agreement are revised, the customer will be notified thereof via SMS no later than 2 (two) months in advance, while price increase on other financial facilities will be communicated via SMS no later than 1 (one) month in advance.
  • The customer shall have the right to present a claim to the Bank in verbal, written, standardized written or electronic form
  • See information useful for customers at the web-page of the National Bank of Georgia- and the hot line +99532 2406 406.


Deposits Insurance System

On 1 January 2018, the Bank joined the Deposit Insurance System created on the basis of the law of Georgia on the Deposit Insurance System. If an insured event occurs, funds available in the deposit/account of a deposit holder will be reimbursed by the Deposit Insurance Agency up to 15 000 GEL, while the rest of the amount will be refunded according to the applicable law. For more information, please visit LEPL Deposit Insurance Agency's website

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