Direct transfer via mobile number

Direct transfers via internet and mobile banking enables you to:

  • Transfer up to 500 GEL* using beneficiary's mobile number;
  • Transfer up to 20 GEL for free.


In order to collect money follow the link.

To receive transfers automatically link your account

If you have already attached TBC Bank's account to your mobile phone number, please visit the link to change it.

Transfer money using mobile bank. Now available only by selecting Mobile Phone number.

*Transfers are available in GEL to any account in Georgia.

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How it works?

  • Go to internet or mobile* banking and select "Transfer on mobile number" in the transfers' menu;
  • Enter Beneficiary's mobile number, name and amount;
  • Beneficiary will receive SMS with internet link and unique transfer code;
  • Beneficiary has to follow to the link, enter the GEL account and accept the amount;
  • If Beneficiary has TBC Bank account, the system will show him/her a list of his/her accounts from where s/he can choose preferable account;
  • Beneficiary is given 3 days to enter account number at any Georgian bank. In case the addressee won't accept the transfer, money will be automatically returned to its sender;
  • Amount will be credited on entered account within the seconds (but only after accepting it)*.


*In case beneficiary will go to the link via computer s/he has to type the code s/he receives by SMS
If addressee follows the link directly via mobile, there will no need of typing the code.

** Transfer to any other bank may require up to 1 working day



Transfer amount Transfer Fee
0 - 20.00 GEL Free
20.01 - 500.00 GEL 1 GEL
*Transfers are available only in GEL. **In case of cancellation from sender or rejection from recipient the fee will be returned

Security and Transfer Limits

  • Every direct transfer has its unique  single use 10-digit code valid for 3 days;
  • Direct system ensures the uniqueness of one-time code and its attachment to the specific customer that was selected by sender;
  • One-time code is necessary to confirm the transfer except the case, when transfer amount is below GEL 45. In addition, the code is required if monthly total P2P transfers are more than GEL 500 or if the total monthly amount transferred to other clients via any type of transfer system is above GEL 1500;
  • It is allowed to transfer maximum of GEL 3000 to one client per month




How can I use direct transfer service?
In activate use direct transfer service, you have to be registered on internet or mobile banking. To transfer money, you should log in to internet or mobile banking and select "To mobile number" in transfers.
I have several different accounts. Into which account should I recieve money?
You will receive money into the account you select on your own.
Can I set other customer's account number to receive money?
You can set your own as well as other customer's account to receive money.
How do I know if addressee received money or not?
You will be notified via SMS in both cases.
3 days passed after submitting transfer but the addressee has not confirmed receiving money. What shall I do?
In this case money will be automatically returned to your account. No additional actions are required.

How to receive the transferred amount?

To receive the amount, follow the link.

You can also receive instantly the transferred amount into your TBC account if you follow the link.    

How to change the account, where I receive the instant transfers?

In case you have already attached TBC Bank's account to your mobile phone number for receiving instant transfers, follow the link to change it