Preferential Agro Credit Project

Preferential Agro Credit Project has been initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and has been implemented by the Agricultural Projects Management Agency since 27 March 2013.

The purpose of the project is to improve the processes of primary agricultural production, processing, storage and sale by providing farmers and entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture with cheap, long-term and preferential funds.

Preferential Agro Credit for Fixed Assets

Under the component of ‘Preferential Agro Credit for Fixed Assets' the Agency shall finance certain part of the loan interests, allocated by Bank for the fixed assets of the enterprises producing and processing agricultural products.

Under the component of ‘Preferential Agro Credit for Fixed Assets' loans will be given for financing new agricultural processing enterprises and extension of the existing ones for the following  purposes:

 a) processing enterprises;

  • meat, fish and milk processing
  • production of alcoholic beverages
  • tea production and/or packaging
  • fruit, vegetable and berry processing
  • walnut and nut processing
  • wool, leather and fur processing
  • production of vegetable oils (oil, margarine, butter) and "Khalva"
  • tobacco production
  • production of essential oils and spices
  • arranging slaughterhouses
  • processing bee products
  • production of agricultural feed for animals, birds and fish      

b)  infrastructural enterprises:

  • warehouses for storing agricultural products
  • grain dryers
  • coolers for storing agricultural products
  • production of packaging materials for agricultural products
  • production of oak barrels for alcoholic beverages
  • production of wine clay barrels ("Kvevri")

c)  primary agricultural enterprises:

  • animal farms. In case of cattle and sheep and goats the Agency shall elaborate the farm criteria
  • poultry farms
  • poultry breeding farms
  • farms for animals with valuable fur
  • greenhouses and other closed ground enterprises
  • fish production
  • production of bee products
  • production of seedlings and saplings
  • gardens, vineyards, plantations of perennial crops and others


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Loan amount under this component shall be 20 000 Gel– 1 500 000 GEL and the period of loan shall not exceed 120 months.

The Agency shall co-finance not more than 66 months interest rates in parallel with the amount paid by the borrower (if any), in the amount of annual 11% of the principal loan amount, not more than within 68 months upon granting of the loan.

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