Opening an account for natural persons with no Georgian citizenship

The following documents must be presented when opening an account for natural persons with no Georgian citizenship:
1. An identity card (international passport or any other document acceptable for crossing the state border of Georgia) of a person who wants to have an account opened;
2. A self-declaration on the need of receiving/using the banking service/products in Georgia that must contain information on the goal of opening an account and expected banking transactions (to be signed during the visit to the Bank).
3. The Bank may additionally request the following information: 
Documents evidencing the source of origin of funds to be transferred/deposited in accounts
Filling out a special questionnaire
Document evidencing a legal/actual address
Activity-related information and/or documents. The information included in the presented documents must confirm the information submitted/declared by a person to the Bank. 
Any other document/information defined by the Bank.