Best Trade Finance Bank in Georgia

TBC Bank is the leader by providing trade finance and documentary operations in the Georgian banking sector. 

  • For the first time in Georgia, The Asian Development Bank ( ADB) has recognized TBC Bank as The Leading Partner Bank within the  Trade Finance Program (TFP).
  • TBC Bank was awarded the title of Best Trade Finance Bank in Georgia in 2015 by Global Finance Magazine;
  • Trade and Forfaiting Review choose TBC Bank's transaction as one of top 15 deals in the world;
  • TBC Bank was named -The Most Active Issuing Bank in Georgia in 2013 and in 2009 under the EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP).

TBC Bank received 2 awards in frames of EBRD Trade Facilitation Program-associated event with EBRD annual meeting 2015:

  • TFP Deal of the Year 2014-Supporting Gudauri and Bakuriani Snowmaking Project in Georgia;
  • Most Active Issuing Bank in Georgia 2014.


TBC Bank offers a diverse range of trade finance products to enhance your trading status and achieve your domestic and international trade objectives with our Trade Solutions expertise. Through our international partners including EBRD, IFC, ADB, BSTDB, Commerzbank AG, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, UBS AG, Unicredit SPA, Raiffeisen, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bayerische Landesbank, to name the few, we could also structure tailored trade finance products and negotiate credit terms that will suit your company's specific needs.



TBC Bank JSC offers you bank guarantees to secure performance and payment obligations and  finance goods and services which are always part of the deal.

The most popular types are: 

  • Bid Bond
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Warranty Guarantee
  • Standby Guarantee

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Letter of credit

A letter of credit is a written undertaking given by a bank on behalf of the buyer, to pay the seller an agreed sum within a specified time, provided the seller presents documents strictly in accordance with the terms laid down in the letter of credit.

Letter of credit benefits:

For the Exporter For the Importer
The bank pays as specified in the letter of credit independent of the buyer By opening a letter of credit, the importer confirms that he is credit worthy and may be able to obtain more favorable payment terms
The buyer cannot withhold the payment The goods will be delivered in accordance with the delivery conditions specified in the letter of credit
If the buyer wishes to complain about the goods, he must do so separately from the letter of credit The buyer receives the documents he has asked for under the credit by a specific date
Delays, such as they can occur e.g. in transmitting bank transfers, are avoided to a large extent The buyer can be certain that he only has to pay if the documents comply with the terms of the letter of credit in all respects
Payments are generally made faster under a letter of credit   


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Documentary collection

Documentary collections are mainly appropriate in cases where: 

  • The seller and the buyer know and trust each other.
  • There is no doubt about the buyer's willingness and ability to pay.
  • Stable political, economic and legal conditions exist in the importing country.
  • No import restrictions such as foreign exchange controls, exist in the importing country, or else all of the necessary licenses have already been obtained. 

Main advantages:

  • The exporter has the possibility of retaining control of the goods until the drowee either effects payment or accepts a draft.
  • Handling is simple and inexpensive.
  • Payment settlement is often quicker than on open account. 

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Factoring means financing  of company's  receivables by the bank, in order to increase the company's liquidity.

With Factoring service TBC Bank offers to

Seller companies: 

  • Finance  receivable; 
  • Improve working capital liquidity; 
  • Timely and effective collection of funds. 

Buyer companies: 

  • Increased liquidity; 
  • Paying for  products/services at a later date; 
  • Timely delivery of  products/services.