• For working capital;
  • For renewal of fixed assets;
  • For covering other liabilities;
  • For mixed purposes.
to your business needs

General Description

Business always needs finances for working capital, for investments in fixed assets as well as for meeting various liabilities.

Collateral-free business loans suggests financing SMEs and individuals with loans of up to GEL 50 000 with no requirement of any collateral security. The aim of this credit product is to support development and financial stability of business, ensure the financing of its working capital and fixed assets and expansion of the company profile, help debtor to make investments in different directions/businesses, support financial prosperity of company stakeholders.  

By means of collateral-free business loans you are able to:

  • Fill in working capital;  
  • Purchase or renew fixed assets; 
  • Cover various liabilities;
  • Invest in making your business healthier, for any purpose.

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