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General Description

If you travel frequently, this package is designed for you. This is the best way to handle unexpected expenses that are related to medical treatment abroad or to other occasions. In many embassies travel insurance is an obligatory requirement and is a prerequisite for visa issuance. 

We will reimburse expense caused by sudden illness or accident, including urgent stationary or ambulatory treatment (including treatment of strong toothache) or expensed caused by the death. 

Who can purchase the insurance?

Insurance can be purchased by any customer of TBC Bank who:
  • Is not older than 85 years old;
  • Plans to travel.

How are the expenses reimbursed?

In case of an accident or sudden illness, the insured person should immediately contact TBC insurance's hotline  (2 42 22 22), notify them their number of the policy and inform them about the problems. 

In case it is impossible to reach the above mentioned lines, the insured person or other interested person should notify the centre about the existing problem before the end of the medical treatment. Otherwise the medical expenses will not be reimbursed. 


Documents necessary for the reimbursement of the damage

In case insured person covers expenses independently, upon arrival in Georgia, they will be reimbursed the damage after a written note and below listed documents are presented: 

  • The original of the insurance policy;
  • Originals of the medical certificates, that indicate name and surname of the insured, diagnosis and the price of the medical treatment provided to the insured;
  • In case of an accident, an official notice about the accident issued by a relevant body;
  • Originals of the doctor's and hospital's reports or their certified copies, receipts of medicines, and medicine prescriptions;
  • In case the insurer requires so, the insured is obliged to present their passport, in which the dates of crossing Georgia's borders are indicated;
  • In case of the repatriation of deceased, the insurer should be provided with the notice on decease, doctor's diagnosis of the death reasons and the originals or copies of the reports. 


Tariffs for lump payment: 

Age of the insured 1-60 years more than 60 years
Annual premium (1 week) 10 GEL 20 GEL
Annual premium (2 weeks) 20 GEL 40 GEL
Annual premium (1 month) 40 GEL 80 GEL
Annual premium (3 months) 90 GEL 180 GEL
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