Here.Now TBC offers a consumer loan with a reduced interest rate and a term adjusted to customer needs.

If you apply for a loan in October, you will be able to start paying after 6 months

You can apply for a loan for any purpose, including repayment / consolidation of loans in another bank.

It is possible to have one co-borrower on the loan, who must be a member of your family

Please see the benefits of an upgraded loan below:


Loan amount:

500 - 80 000 GEL

Loan period:

6-48 Months

Interest rate:

From 14.5%

Effective interest rate:

From 18%

Issuance fee:

2.5%, min. 50 GEL


Salary, rent income, remittances, dividends

The way of proof of income

Salary statement from the bank or Revenue Service, lease agreement, remittance statement

Grace period* :


Up to 6 months

* Interest accrued during the grace period is redistributed to the full term of the loan



For additional information please visit any TBC branch or contact us at : *2727