Digital Card Payments Enabled on E-Commerce Platforms

HERE.NOW – TBC and VISA customers are offered the first digital card to make online and POS payments.
A digital card is a virtual representation of a plastic payment card and has all of its features. It can be used at POS terminals, on e-commerce platforms as well as at ATMs to withdraw cash.  
Additional information about the digital card: 
  • You do not have to carry physical payment cards;
  • You can order a digital card through the mobile or internet banking application;
  • You do not have to visit a branch to apply for the card; 
  • You do not have to wait for the mail to receive the card; 
  • If you lose your physical card or it is retained by an ATM, you can immediately activate a digital card through the mobile or internet banking app and link it to the selected account.  
  • The card can be added to a digital wallet instantly; 
  • A digital card can be linked to Apple Pay or TBC Wallet.
  • If the card is linked to your Apple Wallet, you can use it abroad to withdraw cash from ATMs that accept Apple Pay.
  • Digital cards can be used for online payments / on e-commerce platforms. 


Terms and Conditions

Digital card for individuals


Visa Gold

Valid for

2 years

Daily ATM withdrawal limit


Monthly service fee

1 GEL *

Daily spending limit  (POS/ online payments)

10,000 GEL

Cash withdrawal fee (as set for the digital wallet)


GEL, USD and EUR accounts can be linked to the card;
You can apply for a digital card through:
  • Internet/mobile banking
Blocking/unblocking your card:
  • A digital card can be blocked through any TBC Bank channel (internet/mobile banking, hotline, TBC branches)
TBC CONCEPT clients will not be charged card order and service fees.