Withdraw cash without a card, using a QR scanner.

You can now withdraw cash from an ATM without a card, by means of a QR code.

What are the advantages of QR cash withdrawal?

Biometric authentication – you can confirm your identity with your face or fingerprint biometrics using your own mobile device.

Secure - QR cash withdrawal is secure as you are protected by biometric authentication in your mobile bank, as well as an OTP (one-time password) that will be sent to your mobile number registered with the Bank.

Twice as quick - QR withdrawal takes half as much time as card withdrawal.

Contactless – you do not need to touch the ATM, as you manage the entire process on your mobile device.

How does QR cash withdrawal work?

  • Update your mobile bank app to the latest version
  • Log into your mobile bank and tap on the QR button in the upper right corner
  • Scan the QR code on the ATM screen
  • Select or enter the amount
  • Choose the card
  • Enter the SMS code (OTP) to verify the amount
  • Collect the cash


Additional Information

  • QR cash withdrawal is possible on Android and iOS devices.
  • To withdraw cash, you need to run an updated mobile bank version.
  • QR cash withdrawal is possible at all TBC ATMs. 


  • Withdrawal limit (in a single transaction) - 1000 GEL
  • Daily withdrawal limit - 3000 GEL